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    God created man,in his image so that human can compact with him,and share the glory of his father.when God created man,he made promised sacrifies that no man shall under the earth and heanven,shall live in darkness,throgh water,or any other platform.i have you always imagine the kind of life some people have lived?what aspire them to do the evils they have accrued?here, i will be sharing with you the strory of a mistyrious woman,who claimed she came to this world, with no or any biological means.CHAPTER ONE: THE SPIRIT THAT MOVES AT NIGHT:there was this young lady, in 1935, she came to a village,in umeke, a village not less than 5000. When she came to this village, she was looking so beautiful and charming. And everyone in the village was so happy to see that they have had a good looking lady to their village and community.but do you know what?this woman has never go out to the streets she can't not even visit neigbors, and all she could do,is to throw greetings,as people passes by.suddenly, she started setting up some shrines in her compound and everyone was supprised, that how could a beautiful woman like this be setting up a shrine inside her coumpound? She began to make a design of a black snake to the wall of her hiuse?and one day,the community gatherd and summorn her ,she was call to appear before the kingsmen.so she was ask some questions, who is your mother?she could not talk,she skipped a minutes,and said she does not have a father she was ask again,who is your father,and she never said anything.then later,she addmited,that she does not came in to this world with any biological parents.that she came to this world,through the river in african village named eti-okwe.and every body was amazed and it was there the kinsmen ask her, what does the snake drawn on your walls represents? And she said she is the snake,tha she turns in to that snake through the night.and it overwhelming.and this woman continue to do a native doctor in that particular village.but after somany years at her old age, it was gatherd that they have set the house on fire. Then people began to wonder why?and they revealed that she orderd the setting up the building on fire.thn,after five days of the incident,this woman died.the question here is WHERE IS HER HEAVEN GATE?Would she be accepted by God?CHAPTER TWO THE EVIL SOME PRECHEARS DO:have you seen a person, who practices an evil activity that is occupied by the incredients of evil and will still come and identify himself as apastor? What is your intake to God's kindom making it a holy place for you to stay as the bilble quotes,,man shall live by faith.but faith without work, or task is not a faith in the presence of God.the message i will give you today,is that, we should learn how to give God his glory, so that we might attain the kingdom of the most high.have you ever asked your self a question qhere is the heaven gate of the woman that came in to the life through snake,and transformed in to human.where do you think that she is going to stay in heaven?where is her heaven gate. Who is the key holder bohoding your access to heaven?THE EVIL ALTER: Men of the workd today has decide their own words rejecting and abondoned what God has prapared for them.if,for example,Jesus christ came today and ask who are those people that keep my cmmandment?what will be your answer? I will advice you today, that you should make heaven an assigment that you have not met its promises and requirements.1.2. GOD IS THE SECRETS BEHIND EVERY BUSINESS YOU DO: have you ever seen over twenty shops and only one or three people are their seeling?and other people are busy reading their bible because there is no customer to buy anything? Those who call on God to be in charge of their business,God has never decline to their pleadings.be faithful,and be dedicated to the world of God .make a personal issue it is not a gossip issue because that may determine whom the key to your hheaven is.and why you should keep your faith to achieve



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    Learn.more.about.what.happened.today.on.HistoryR..|..5h..25min..|..Adventure,..Drama,..Western..|..19..November..1980..(USA)..A..dramatization..of..the..real-life..Johnson..County..War..in..1890..Wyoming,..in..which..a....From.cult.members'.eating.habits.to.the.sneakers.the.group.wore.during.its.infamous.1997.mass.suicide. More...THE...HEAVEN...GATE...images... Heaven's...Gate...is...a...1980...American...epic...Western...film...written...and...directed...by...Michael...Cimino Heaven’s.Gate,.religious.group.founded.in.the.United.States.on.a.belief.in.unidentified.flying.objects


    Heaven's...Gate...was...an...American...UFO...religious...millenarian...group...based...in...San...Diego,...California,...founded...in...1974...and...led...by...Marshall...Applewhite...(1931–1997..... How.and.When.Heaven's.Gate,.the.Door.to.the.Physical.Kingdom.Level.Above.Human,.May.Be.EnteredUFOs...and...Extraterrestrials..... On...this...day...in...History,...Heaven’s...Gate...cult...members...found...dead...on...Mar...26,...1997Under.a.variety.of.names.over.the.years,.including.Human...Organized.Religions.Are.Killers.of.Souls A..notorious..artistic..and..financial..failure,..Michael..Cimino's..Heaven's..Gate..was..blamed..for..critically..wounding..the..movie..Western..and..definitively..ushering..out..the....Commentary..and..archival..information..about..Heaven's..Gate..from..The..New..York..Times Heaven's..Gate..20..Years..Later:..10..Things..You..Didn't..Know Heaven’s...Gate...–...also...known...as...the...“UFO...cult”...–...burst...into...American...consciousness...20...years...ago...this...month,...when,...on...March...26,...1997,...law...enforcement.....


    Heaven's.Gate. News...about...Heaven's...Gate





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